Cupid is portrayed as the god of love in Greek mythology. Whoever gets struck by his
golden arrow will be filled with love and, if shot by his lead arrow, will be filled with
aversion. It takes a lifetime to learn the lessons of love. Only with great consideration
and understanding can we support each other through long-lasting relationships and
marriage. Therefore, our theme for this shoot is Angel’s Wings.

Let’s Go On A Journey

Looking at the boundless sea is relaxing. I was never a fan of the beach until I learned scuba diving in Maldives. I instantly fell in love with this newly discovered underwater world. The winter beach is different from the summer. The color of the sea can vary greatly. The chilly water enhances the body’s ability to sense surroundings, and a sense of nostalgia arises. The shades of grey in the rocks and the winter sea breeze are calming and comfortable, making the winter beach even more alluring. In recent years,global warming has taken a huge toll in the underwater world. I’d like to take thisopportunity to spread awareness and hope that everyone will consider the issue of the environment.

Rebel Attraction

Personality, toughness, a carefree mind and individual determination are the themes for this collection. When it comes to weddings gowns, many people dream about fairy-tale princess gowns, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The diverse personalities of modern women have prompted us to make a breakthrough in stereotypical designs, recreating gowns with your own characteristics. It can be rebellious or docile.

Dream and Poetry

Past memories can be surreal. They can be layered in tulle or in a clouded dream.
There’s nothing like the feeling of deja vu to add a little touch of poetry to your memory.

Urban Simplicity

Information overload, overpopulation, self-righteous civilization, rationality and justice,
creating too many false appearances and arrogant disputes. Living in big cities, we have forgotten what silence is like. Perhaps what we really need is simplicity.

The Power of Ancient Civilization

Inca culture and aboriginal styles, the color elements of ancient civilizations can
influence a vast possibility of imagination. Aboriginal totem color and ornaments contain originality and rich historical background, which make it beyond real and special.
Traditional Inca festival costumes are especially filled with vitality and vibrant colors.
Only with the fear of the gods of heaven and earth can we appreciate the purity and
strength of the almighty power.

Pygmalion’s Dream Come True

The Pygmalion Effect is a psychological term derived from Greek mythology.

Pimalong is a talented sculptor and, because of his love and respect for the goddess
Venus, tries his best to recreate life-like sculptures as beautiful as Venus herself. He
protects and loves them with all his heart in hopes that the sculptures will come to life
one day. Finally, the power of hope made his dream come true!


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